Tom Rickman’s work is incredibly well known. Born in London in 1960, he has gained a considerable reputation for his landscapes, often featuring wilderness, contrasting land, sea and sky, fading into the horizon as far as the eye can see. His coastlines are generally colourful yet treacherous, his skies often moody and threatening, his canvasses are generally large and entrancing. He has amassed a large quantity of work featuring the coastline scenes of the South West of England and Cornwall (where he has based since 1983, having previously been based in Dorset for some 10 years), and in more recent work the Highlands and Isles of Scotland, France, Spain, Italy – Venice and Sicily, the north of Finland, and recently Nantucket Island and New York. His art has been exhibited widely throughout The West Country, London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New Jersey and Buenos Aires. He has had work published by Collins and he was one of five Gallery Tresco artists to participate in the Venice Collection painting project and exhibition in 2004.

A typical example of Rickman’s dramatic work, available at £4,500 (nb not through Cotton Contemporary Art)