Serge Mendjisky was born in Paris in 1929, the son of Maurice Mendjisky, a painter in “The School of Paris”. After his studies at The Beaux Arts in Paris he became an established artist, exhibiting his paintings in Europe, Japan and the United States. His work is enormously popular, and is always interesting as a visual representation and expression. Mendjisky’s work is well represented in public collections including The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art in Moscow as well as in private collections. His traditional work as a foremost pointilist painter is well known with many scenes of Venice and Paris (of which Cotton Contemporary Art has two magnificent examples) among his other work. In recent years he has developed a strong reputation for his cubist photographic work where he deconstructs and reconstructs well known cities and city life using photography as his medium.


A pointilist painting of Venice from 1984, typical of Mendjisky’s body of classic work for which he is so well known.


Serge Mendjisky with some of his more modern works.