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Thawan Praman – Standing Bhuddha


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Origin: Thailand


Size: 107 x 71 cms (67 x 28 inches)

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas mounted to a wood frame

In stock

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Perhaps compared to my other works by Thawan, I never truly recognised just how stunning this work was until I found the correct location, standing in my entry hall, adorning it, dominating the visual landscape!

This is a fine example of Thawan’s Buddha art, standing some 6 foot tall it is a classic entrance piece, and appears strangely out of proportion when photographed, somehow the legs seem too short, the body too long. The reality isn’t thus, but such is the illusion that comes from the perspective of a camera looking from the centre against a human eye, mounted towards the top looking down (as we do), whereupon this Buddha becomes gloriously well proportioned and so typical of Thawan’s style, the incredible attention to detail, the clever surface textures, the serene pose against glowing backdrop, the hands gracefully posed, the lotus flower adding a final touch of beauty and serenity. A fascinating piece, I am so happy to have included it in my collection.


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