Steuben Glass (Paul Shulze) – New York, New York Prism Glass Sculpture

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Steuben Glass (Paul Shulze) – New York, New York Prism Glass Sculpture


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Origin: United States of America


Size:43 high x 10 x 10 cms (17 x 4 x 4 inches)

Steuben Glass

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This piece sounds expensive but it isn’t, indeed it is offered by Cotton Contemporary Art at about half the $51,000 price at which this incredible sculpture was last listed before Steuben went bankrupt in 2011. Please click here to see details.

My love affair with Steuben Glass goes back some 30 years. Sadly the company, founded in 1903 by Frederick Carder in Corning, New York (which gave its name to Steuben’s long time parent, international glass company Dow Corning), and synonymous with pieces of glass of world renowned quality, became a victim of modern times and the changing spending habits of people away from ornamental objects, not helped by a disastrous management buy out around the time of the Global Financial Crisis. The company ceased to be in 2011 after 108 years with the loss of some 60 master glass sculptors. Truly a visit to New York was incomplete without a visit to their 5th Avenue showrooms, a block away from Tiffany’s, the front of which exhibited affordable and delightful sculptures of animals, and other subjects, the back of which housed the most magnificent creations in glass one could imagine, all of them rarely affordable. This piece always struck me as one of the two or three best creations, a prism skyline of New York, changing all the while as you walk around it and varying according to the angle at which you view it. It features The Woolworth Building, The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building and The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre (where you genuinely see twin towers at certain angles), now an historical and almost haunting reminder of the pre-eminent skyline that was 20th century New York pre 9/11, and the power within its edifices comes flooding through. For a photographer to do justice to this piece is incredibly difficult, but its iconic imagery and stunning angles makes it truly one of the most memorable pieces of glass anyone who sees it will witness. The last (extraordinary) photograph shows the view from above the sculpture looking down into the prism at the tops of the buildings.

It weighs 17 kg and comes with original red leather case.


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