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Thawan Praman – Golden Ayudhaya


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Origin: Thailand


Size:90 x 70 cms (35.5 x 28 inches)

Acrylic on canvas

In stock

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Thawan shows absolutely and comprehensively why he’s Thailand’s best artist in this magnificent work. Ayudhaya, Siam’s historic capital and centre of worship, still the greatest historical park in Thailand, a golden experience to treasure. The incredible detail of this painting, the amazing surface texture, the fabulous beauty and restfulness of the Buddha, it is a superb composition that few others could get near to emulating. A serene and wonderful work of art. (To say that I had to fight hard to acquire this painting is an understatement. There is a lady owner of a highly successful group of upmarket traditional Thai restaurants in Bangkok who adorns the walls of her restaurants, mainly old style teak wood properties, with Thawan’s work, and who it turned out was incredibly disappointed not to have bought it). This painting was truly my first love affair with Thawan! I had to have it. From there I have moved forward but perhaps in its joyous simplicity it remains his most perfect work I have acquired.


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