Quartet of Lacquer Finish Square Vases

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Quartet of Lacquer Finish Square Vases


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Origin: Japan

Size:  Each 26 x 13 13 cms (10 x 5 x 5 inches)


In stock

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Almost certainly this delightful quartet of vases are of Japanese design. My records describe 3 of them as Kinyo Glaze, Gsoba Glaze and Oxblood Glaze, however the 4th is frustratingly just described as Glaze!! I love them, their finish is unusual as are their base colours, and their angles, both square and circular, suggest a good deal of love and forethought went into their design and creation. Thailand only, except by arrangement.
(please note the cream flashes on the photographs of the green and golden brown vases are reflection, not damage to the surface of the vase, which are all in pristine condition)


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