Chatchawan Rodklongtan is one of Thailand’s most accomplished young professional artists. He was born in Bangkok in 1974 and first exhibited his works in 1992. Since then he has exhibited regularly and has won numerous national awards. His impressive works are often a contrast of shadow and light, he is known for his paintings of Lanna lights at Loy Kratong such as the two works in Cotton Contemporary Art, and also for his works depicting highly detailed and ornate golden (temple) doors, again using the contrasts of shadow and light to create impact.

Chatchawan’s works  are highly detailed and captivating. The glow of celestial splendour, contrasting with the dark backgrounds, which occasionally conceal a high degree of artistic detail which are only visible upon close inspection.

However, his works are more than just technical excellence. They convey his idealism into images that integrate Buddhism doctrines. In his paintings, the gold colour expresses faith while darkness symbolises ignorance. The mesmerising light that breaks through the doors of the gates stands for the light of knowledge.

“Happiness and sufferings have always been paired together, since the creation of life. These two opposing aspects never fail to meet. When we are born, they enter our lives. Our only duty is to observe them and acknowledge them. We are not to try to own them. If we own one, we must own the other as well. Therefore, all we have to do is to live simply and at the same time, must live harmoniously with the two. We are not to disturb them. We can live peacefully in this world, with happiness and suffering”